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Hi love!

So I just had my first eyelash extension yesterday, my oh my it is such a long process! 3 hours in total, because I have the russian volume one , it is short natural looking and hand woven to match your eye. I have mine in Sarah Laverick Eyelash Extension Canning (endorsed). For those of you who’s in Perth you can google her and give her a call.2.jpg

This service cost $150 and last around 2-3 weeks depend on treatment. I believe touch up is around $70. I can’t seems to diverge my eyes on this eyelash extensions. I’m not really good with fragile things, so I try to keep my hands off from my eyelash.


The aftercare is using foam baby soap every two days and gently massage it in a downward stroke. Then spoolie it downwards.

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Current Favorite Skin Care

Hi love,
These days I have decided to invest more on my skin care and skin prep products rather than makeup. I know as a makeup artist you are your own ambassador, so having a healthy and great looking skin is a must. However sadly I’m not those types of girls who has normal skin with no problem whatsoever, I do struggle with acne marks and premature wrinkles especially around my eyes.

IMG_7410.JPGSo this is my current skin care / skin prep products which I find really deliver its promises:

1. Garnier Micellar Water

This makeup remover is oil free, they have 3 types of micellar water. Those with dry – normal skin, oily combination and sensitive skin. I have an oily combination skin, so I avoid oil based makeup and this makeup remover does its job! Doesn’t sting and leave oily feeling on the face, able to remove lipstick and even mascara. It is retailed here in australia for $11 for 300ml. Worth it! Much cheaper than Bioderma Miracle Water and just as good !

2. Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oil that remove makeup with a gentle smell and ingredient, there are sunflower oil, jasmine and quqoui (might spell this wrongly). Honestly it’s consistency is not runny and gently remove your makeup. I love to use this on the days where I use full makeup, then I will use my Garnier Micellar Water afterwards. Retail for $16 in Australia.

3. Estee lauder Advanced Night Repair.

My love and current hope ! This night repair has done amazing transformation in just as short as 3 weeks. I am not sponsored whatsoever this is my real experience. I have 3 big pimples in my face and using them it’s actually shrink the first night, This is a product with chemical and not organic! so fast result is what it delivers, for those who has sensitive skin you might want to ask for a sample first. Retail for $115 in Australia Duty Free Stores.

4. Seacret Mineral Peeling Gel

Have you heard about this brand? I got a gift of their hand care set and it was amazing! especially their blue bottle oil for strengthening the nail, I have brittle nail and that oil makes it so strong! Then when I got offered this product I have a good impression already, the guy do the hand test as usual and what I love about this product is it peels your dead skin cell GENTLY. No need to go to beautician to get peeling, I can do it in my own house with cheaper cost too. (again i am not sponsored) This works wonderfully with the ester lauder advanced night repair to get rid of my acne marks. Retail for $100 in Australia.



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Blocky Eyebrows? Too Thick? Too wide? Funny Shapes?

Watch my BROWS 101 to know how to do your eyebrow like a pro!

What’s inside my Makeup Pouch ?

Hi Beautiful Creature,

Hari ini aku akan sharing ke kalian apa aja sih yang aku bawa didalam makeup pouch aku. Makeup Pouch yang aku sedang gunakan adalah dari “Thursday Chat”, kalian bisa visit akun IG mereka di Banyak banget pouch serut dengan motif lucu. Aku pakai motif polkadot abu-abu.


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Love Yourself

Hello Beautiful Creatures!

Do you know that as a woman, we tend to feel pressured and insecure of our own being? Yes, society plays a big role presssuring us and giving us a standard of beauty that we’d love to be in.

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Night Out Look

Hello lovelies, welcome to my blog!

Today I’m going to show you my Night Out Look for the weekend. Ready to party?? Going out for a date or having fun with the girls? Show up this weekend looking stunning with this makeup!

Watch the youtube tutorial here:

Here are the details of my night out look:

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Apasih Arti Warna MUFE Step 1 Primer?

Hi girls, welcome to my blog !

Hari ini aku akan bahas tentang berbagai macam warna Primer Step 1 oleh Make Up Forever. Dulu sebelum aku sekolah makeup, waktu ke MUFE bingung banget sama warna warna HD Primer mereka. Aku tau mereka jual Primer Transparant yang standard, tapi kepo banget tentang warna-warna lainnya. Sharing dikit ni soal experience aku tentang HD Primer warna ungu:

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Golden Cheetah Filter

I’m back with another Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorial !

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LASALLE 2016 Gradshow

Gradshow Poster Makeup and Hair by: Cheryl Makeup, Henny, Darwyn Tse.

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